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Our Philosophy

The Law Offices of Craig W. Monen P.C. are dedicated to providing experienced, professional and caring assistance to our clients. We are a small boutique law practice that has maintained offices in Rogue River, Oregon for over 35 years. Loren Heuertz and Craig Monen established a law practice in 1983, with a commitment to serve the Elder Law and Estate Planning needs of Rogue Valley senior citizens and their families. Craig Monen, as a solo practitioner, has continued to honor this commitment following Loren’s retirement.

Addressing matters and facing decisions or challenges related to aging or disability is often difficult. Craig Monen is an experienced attorney who brings knowledge, expertise and compassion to the services he provides in assisting his clients in advance planning for disability, incapacity and estates. Whether you need a simple will, a trust or a more comprehensive estate plan, we can assist you in developing a plan and strategy to assure your wishes are heard and respected. We listen to our clients, understand their needs and work with each client to help them achieve their specific objectives.

Our office deals constantly with the impact of a health crisis on an incapacitated person and his or her loved ones. When a plan has been developed for disability or death, we assist in implementing the plan when a crisis occurs. Where no plan has been made, we assist grieving friends and relatives deal with the legal aspects of a health care crisis or death.

Legal problems that affect the elderly are growing in number. Our laws and regulations are becoming more complex. Actions taken by older people in regard to a single matter may have unintended legal consequences. We are aware of the real-life problems, health and otherwise, that often develop as persons age or following the onset of a disability. The trusted guidance of an experienced lawyer can play an important role in handling these difficult issues.